Band: Dirty Larry

Album: Warbox EP

First Impression: I wrongfully assumed it was ska.

Album in One Word: Intense.

Sounds Like: Rise Against with horns.

Makes Me Feel: Like screaming! Rahh!

Why this Band is Unique: They keep their ska roots with their new sound.

Who Would Like This Album:
Hardcore kids, maybe some punks.

Recommended Songs: "These Black Lines" & "Children's Crusade".
I was having a hard time trying to figure out if the Dirty Larry of this CD was the same Dirty Larry that I used to see play at the Haddonfield Methodist Church every now & then back in the day. I found my old copy of Dirty Larry's 1st CD "Lady in Leopard" and saw the same names of musicians in the insert. It turns out that they are the same band, but they sound completely different. One, the old Dirty Larry, is a fun ska-punk band. The new Dirty Larry, is a more commercial blend of modern hardcore with horns. There is barely any ska element. I cant say whether the change is good or bad, but my taste falls with the punk & ska.

Nevertheless, this CD was entertaining. They reminded me throughout the entire CD of Rise Against. The same lightly hardcore sounds w/ random screaming here & there, along with a lot of vaguely political lyrics. Only this band has horns, which definitely makes it more interesting at some parts. The music could get intense. Some of the guitar riffs remind me of video game music, for some reason.

I could tell that the band is anti-war and anti-militarism with tracks like "Warbox" and "Leading But Misled", which I am definitely behind. Track 2, "These Black Lines", attacks rape (or sexual abuse of some kind)- "Tell me are you human? Did God grant you the strength to take a woman's pride?" Another message I'm behind. The lyrics are thought provoking at some points, in the least.

Check out Dirty Larry online: (Luke Romano)
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