Band: Life Slides Down

Album: Here Are My Deals EP

First Impression: I liked the band name, it is a cool name.

Album in One Word: Grunge.

Sounds Like: Something you'd hear on Y-100 (when it was a rock station).

Makes Me Feel: Like being a depressed stalker.

Why this Band is Unique: They incorporate almost every style of 90's grunge-ish rock.

Who Would Like This Album: A stereotypical Nirvana fan.

Recommended Song:
Run Away With You
Life Slides Down sounds like a mix of Nirvana & The Foo Fighters, oh, and Stone Temple Pilots. Yeah, that kind of stuff. The slow & hard grunge songs sound so much like Nirvana, even singer Joe Hubbard's voice. The faster ones sound like the Foo Fighters. The rest is STP. There's also a few acoustic songs.

If you like 90's alternative rock and/or are a grunge freak, this is definitely your thing. Lyrics about love and asking about the American ideal ("I'll tell you mother fucker, yeah"). If you like long, slow acoustic songs both played and sung really slow (and can stay awake for them), this is also your thing. Life Slides Down experiments with all these different styles, and it all seems to fit together nicely. 

Check the band out at: (Luke Romano)
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