Welcome to the music section. The links above will take you wherever you would like to go. There are reviews and interviews, band profiles with links, as well as show listings and discussion. If you are part of a band, feel free to post your shows in the show listings section, that's why it's there!

Here is an example of how we can broadcast your music to the masses:

Mass Broadcast Compilation CDs
We've recently released our first compilation CD featuring 20 bands, heavily based in Philadelphia and South Jersey. We did a limited pressing of 1000 copies, distributed to all of the bands involved. The debut was a huge success and now we're starting work on Volume Two. Click here for more information.

Mp3 of the Week
Each week we present a downloadable song that isn't easily available on the internet. It may be a rare track, an older song, or simply a song off of a current CD. It will be absolutely free to download for a week. 

Music Reviews and Interviews
A large part of getting music into the hands of people is done through journalism. There will be reviews of albums and shows. We'll also be conducting interviews with band members, producers, and others involved in the music industry.

Mass Broadcast Webzine
Our webzine is a selection of band profiles, our best interviews, reviews and more. It's made for the web, but we plan to release a hardcopy version in the near future. Check out Webzine Volume One.

Recent Articles:
Hit & Miss (Charles Bissell and Marc Maurizi)
-Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start's Free Internet EP "Girls Names"
-Hit & Miss (Somerdale and Linus Lowery)
-B.C. Camplight: popular songwriting made cool... again.
New Jersey's Prodigal Sons: a gospel of The Wrens

Recent Reviews:
Life Slides Down - Here Are My Deals
-Dirty Larry - Warbox
-Carl Cunningham - Life Ruiner
-Red Tuesday - And From Here On Out
-The Danger O's - Little Machines
Mezzrow - Mezzrow
Red Tuesday - Day In, Day Out
No Regrets - Something Unnatural 
Mad Science Fair ...For a Better Tomorrow

Recent Interviews:
The Tea Club
Kyle Costill - Trouble Everyday
David Downham - Gradwell House  
Luke Edwards - TMBG Superfan Q&A
-David Miller - Hello Radio

Contact Info:
Email us at massbroadcast@gmail.com

Send your music for review to: 
Jason Tagmire
112-B West Merchant St.
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